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St. Barts.  Ask anyone in the world and they will be able to tell you that St. Barts is a name that is synonymous with luxury, playground, and of course beaches.  This small island is only eight square miles, but in that little bit of space is a world of beautiful terrain, gorgeous villas, and views that will steal your breath away.

There are few flights to St. Barts, which only helps keep this idyllic island as wonderfully undeveloped as it is.  To get here, you will most likely have a transfer in either St. Martin or Puerto Rico to a small aircraft that will bring you to paradise.  Once you land, you will be whisked away to your rental car and then…your dream vacation begins! Meantime, if you would like sme cool vidos of families having fun check out a resort video site we found.



Intimate Lodging

There is a noticeable absence of corporate names in the world of St. Barts accommodations, replacing them with family-operated hotels and private homes for vacation rental.


Luxury Accommodations

In keeping with the luxurious nature of St. Barts, St. Barth, or St. Barthelemy (the many names for this itty-bitty island), there are many elegant villas and vacation rentals for you to call home. 

St. Barts awaits your arrival

You are now one step closer to discovering your own personal paradise on the most beautiful island you could imagine.  Inside these pages you will find everything you need to plan your dream St. Barts vacation.  Come inside and let us help make your dream a reality!